Hypnotism is an art of using your subconscious mind. Though its ancient art, the credit of hypnotism goes to western scientists. They studied and proved it scientifically. You can get more information here.

It is very similar to Yognidra. Self hypnotism and Yognidra are the same. Silva ultra mind control is also a similar up to some extent. The only one thing i didn’t like in silva is while meditation practice they start from head and finish at the legs. while a good practice is to start from legs and finish at head.

This practice is mind centered. Unlike reiki. here you focus your different parts of body using mind. and the Prana automatically settles down.

There are very few people who have ability to teach hypnotism.

Believe me its a good art and it can not be used against anybodies will.

I learned Hypnotism from my guru Manohar Naik Sir . If you want to be a good hypnotist then your master must be the best.

Best master(Guru) and continuous practice are very important.


Hypnotism boosts your abilities. It has various kinds of tratakas. jyoti tratak. surya tratak, tara tratak, chakra tratak. Each one is helpful in its own way, while the surya trataka at evening is prohibited, It brings negativity in life (yeah its true.. I have an experience).

It is actually a very good form of meditation.

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