My Expertise in Networking [internet and intranet] with GNU/Linux
Hands on experience with Redhat, Centos, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, PfSense
Configuring Ethernet Card/s ISA and PnP.
TCP/IP Configuration of Clients and Servers: Assigning IP’s, Gateways, Name Servers, Net Masks, Host Names, Domain Names, etc. For LAN as well as WAN.
Managing Users, Quota Management, File Permissions.
Creating and Managing LVM.
Creating and Managing RAID.
Compiling, Hardening and Customizing the Linux Kernel and other Servers from tarball.
Setting up Samba Servers, to enable Windows Clients (xp/windows 7) to communicate with Linux.
For Departmental and Corporate Intranets, and for localized FTP, Setup a secure FTP server.
Setting up Secure NFS Servers with multiple Clients for File/s.
Setup a simple Primary DNS Server using BIND9.
Compiling an Apache Server from source with PHP and MYSQL.
Setup an Apache Server Virtual Hosting (IP/Name based).
Setup a Domain with drupal.
Drupal administration.
Securing an Apache Server Using .htaccess file.
Setup an Apache Proxy Server for Linux and Windows Clients.
Setup a Squid Server for Linux and Windows Clients.
Setup a DHCP Server.
Tunneling with/without xinetd.
Automation by shell scripting.
Os Hardening
Setting up Mysql Server with Backup And Replication
Server Clustering.
Installation and configuration of monitoring tools like cacti, nagios.
Installation and configuration of OpenVAS the vulnerability assessment tool.
Installation and configuration of backuppc to take backups of Linux as well as windows hosts by using rsyncd method.
Recently I have started learning AWS